Never let anyone dull your Sparkle!

Coruscate Blow Out Bar

Ready. Set. Blow.
Prepare to be blown away! Our team will transform your tresses right before your eyes. 

R &R Blow Out 

The Diamond Blow Out

​Indulge in a relaxing yet invigorating cleansing and deep conditioning mask with a scalp massage. An aroma therapy shot will heighten your senses and left to linger in your tresses long after your beautiful blow out. 
​$65 and up
​This blow out is most popular for providing a non stop luminous shine with a deep conditioning gloss. This is perfect for refreshing and enhancing your natural or professional color. 
​$65 and up

Beauty and the Beach

The Smooth Operator

Want to look like you just spent the day at the beach? Try Beauty and the Beach- this girl definately knows how to make waves. Enjoy a Sand and Sea Salt hand exfoliating scrub, deep conditioning treatment to hydrate your tresses and the messy, tousled, just frolicked on the beach look. 
​$65 and up
Choose this sleek, super straight look to take you from the boardroom to the bedroom. After a hydrating deep conditioning mask, we will leave your hair perfectly polished and professional. 
​$65 and up

Tea Tree Tingle Blow Out

Tea Tree Tingle Bro Out

​All eyes on you after making your scalp and hair feel brand new. Relax while getting a scalp treatment with an extra boost of Tea Tree aroma therapy, a deep condition treatment and flowing curls. Get your flirt on with this sassy style. 
​$65 and up 
​Men it is not all about the ladies! Enjoy your Bro out too. Sit back and relax while you feel the tingle from the Tea Tree Scalp Treatment and scalp massage. Hydrate your hair with a deep conditioning mask and a bro out to finish it off.
$55 and up

Brazillian Blow Out

​Tame that insane mane by undergoing a complete tress transformation. Brazillian Blow Out is universal and can be the saving grace for preserving and sealing your hair color, reducing frizz, adding touchable softness and shine to any and all textures. From the curliest hair to the most over processed hair needing love this is the blow out for you. Lasting up to 8 weeks, you will not regret this blow out.
$250 and up